Why Small Businesses Go Mobile (Mobile vs Desktop)


“The Rise of the Mobile Only User”, “Mobile Internet Traffic Gaining Fast” and “Mobile’s browser usage share jumps…”- these are the kind of headlines that pop up when you search the web for ‘mobile vs. desktop’.

Expect that to continue. Studies continuously show that consumers are relying more heavily on mobile web browsing than that of the traditional desktop variety.

“Mobile web browsing will overtake desktop web browser within few years.”

Mobile DesktopWhat does this mean for small business owners? It means that most visitors to your website are browsing, shopping and interacting via mobile and tablet devices. It means, get on board!

It means a shift in priorities, focusing expenditures on mobile browsing and making the necessary adaptations. During the transition phase it is important to remember that technology is a fluctuating industry, constantly changing.  Be wise when picking and choosing which trends to invest in. Choose those that are intuitively long lasting and wide reaching.

Some tips to consider when considering the mobile market:

• How will your mobile browsing differ from the desktop version? Be specific, not just with visuals but consider interactivity as well.

• Remember to consider content management- two stand-along sites means two separate sets of content and double the workload.

• Test usability on varying mobile devices like Smartphone’s and tablets.

• Utilize analytics and make on the go information more accessible on mobile platforms.

• Always provide the option to browse the complete site via the mobile device. Do not isolate your users to one platform or the other.

Mobile prioritization will not require extra resources or an inflated budget. View it as more of a redirection of existing priorities.

Feeling overwhelmed? Start with baby steps, like optimizing your site for mobile visitors, mobile-optimizing emails and doing mobile Search Engine Optimization.

Use mobile for social media marketing, email marketing and advertising- like Facebook updates and newsletters, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Statistically, 74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a website to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site.

Many experts say that the only way mobile marketing works for small businesses is if they jump in whole-heartedly and commit to the mobile and digital functions. So if now is not the time, when is?

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