How to Use Data to Improve Culture

With shifts in technology essentially change the way we do business intrinsically, it is important for small business to realize that the access to data is changing the game.
Just because you aren’t one of the big boys, with access to eons of consumer data, you can still utilize what you can to benefit your company culture.

Consider a platform vs pipeline method. As one expert describes, the old method (pipeline) was to push things through at rapid pace. The platform method encourages interaction. This is the basis of a culture that attracts consumers.

Data CultureWhat we see happening most frequently in small business niches is that data is being cultivated, but not being appropriated. Collection is the start, application is where it gets tricky.

Alternatively, often data gets analyzed and it provides insight into what may be a less than ideal situation, and is therefore ignored in lieu of damaging egos or presenting harsh realities.

The best way to address these issues is to let get of traditional methodologies and culture. The most toxic when analyzing data: top-down hierarchy.
If you want the managers to make all the calls based on instinct, then don’t even bother with data collection. The whole purpose to trust the data- to analyze and apply to the decision making process, which as a whole, is a much more holistic approach.

When looking at your data, remind your team that the goal is to be the best, not necessarily the first. Data collection is tedious enough, analysis and application are even rougher stuff, and most importantly, they can be very time consuming.

Apply the effort and spend the time; the end result will be more focused, streamlined, and actionable.

Trust innovation, encourage creativity and reward unique approaches. This data renaissance is ‘new’ in the sense that it is still malleable, make it work for you! Take advantage of the fluid process and take risks.
Data should be providing you with not only who your customer is, but what is it that they want and how they want to get it. Take this opportunity to put together the best team for addressing each area. You have specialists, experts, and leaders among your team who will take on these tasks with gusto. Leave no stone (of data) unturned!

Once you are ready to step up your advertising or marketing game, you should feel more than confident that you have utilized every last morsel of data, because if you don’t, you could be wasting hundreds, thousands, even millions on a campaign that will fall on deaf ears.

Your company culture should reflect your commitment to get your customers what they need. Data can help you do this, and more.

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