The Top Business Trends of 2017 that Spell Success

2016 is over and done with, whether you had enough time to accomplish your goals or not. The best way to keep afloat is to head into the New Year with a working knowledge of some of businesses top predicted trends of 2017.

This way, even if playing a little catch up, you will hit the ground running (and with the right tools to see you succeed).

It will continue to be the time of tech. With many of the trends pointing towards development and adaptation of tools for the tech-challenged, it is a great time to consider investing in these types of software tools and programs. They will cut down on training and will streamline best practices in your workplace.

The rise of the Millennials inevitably marked the decline of the Baby Boomer in the business market. Top companies predict that many key businesses may go up for sale in several different markets, leading to some big changes. A sale could mean a pivotal acquisition or could mark the era for others to flourish in a fluidly and recently-opened up market.
We will also be entering a time in which we not only embrace and try to adapt with the younger generation, but actually will begin to see influencers change and ideas come to fruition. Their ideas and mindsets were progressive and perhaps radical. We will start to see those methods become considered mainstream.

Other than technology, there will be equally as game-changing trends seen in the economic sector.

Expect to see the continuing rise of outsourcing and solo managed businesses. Freelancing and remote work will also see an uptick this year.

The increasing popularity of crowd funding and alternative means of single or group shared project management will also push their way to the forefront and as consumers, we can expect a boom in production of new and innovative products.
Digital platforms (like Amazon) will continue to globalize the import/export process and will open doors for business small and big to utilize their distribution channels.

In terms of personnel, we can expect that businesses in 2017 will adopt more alt styles of leadership and training development. Offices will become less remedial, with more leadership-based training environments and you may see alternative practices like non-hierarchical structures see more prevalence.

One of 2016’s biggest trends, fitness and nutrition, will explode in 2017. With tech offering up innovations faster than they can be snapped up, the overall trend towards achieving and maintaining a good healthy balance will take a front seat.

Along with it will stand the Green trend, as we all strive to make our work and personal lives more environmentally sustainable.

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