The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Be Afraid Of The Cloud

Progress and change are inevitable, and when it comes to small businesses and the dreaded cloud, the time for change has arrived! Experts are now saying that past 2015, those who still fear the cloud are falling swiftly behind the times and will consequently start the slippery slope towards insignificance.

Ouch, experts! Some of us are still wary (for good reason) of what this new technology means for us, how it changes our process and what the heck is wrong with good old paper copies, anyways?!

CloudLet’s start by de-vilifying the villain here- the infamous cloud. Its omnipotence sends shivers of fear through small business owners, its daunting, it’s eerily accessible and it’s, well, just too easy!

Stop for a minute and consider- have you ever downloaded a book from the internet to your Kindle? Downloaded and stored music on iTunes? Listened to Pandora, Spotify or any other online music? These common place, everyday tasks are all made possible due to the cloud.

We complete these daily actions without much consideration of how they came to be, mostly because of the inherent lack of threat that comes with purchasing Harry Potter and sending it to your reading device for in-flight entertainment for that upcoming business trip.

So why so much fear when it comes to the business side of things? Well, most obviously, our business information is more sensitive, more private and at times, extremely confidential, potentially volatile or top-secret!

Here are the top five reasons that fearing the cloud is “so 2015”:

1. Security (the number one reason people claim to fear the cloud) has been bumped up to secure even in the top-tier, federal-level information- so why would it not be good enough for a small business owner? Also consider this- if cloud providers cannot stay on top of security, they will go out of business, end of story. It is to their infinite advantage to provide security.

2. Sending data to the cloud is not much different than sending it to your internal server, or via email. The same kind of security threats exist, and the potential devastation caused by the unexpected damage to an internal server match the risks taken by data migration in the cloud.

3. The misconception that real-time performance would be affected. There is no empirical data to back up the fearful claim that accessibility to the cloud may be slower than to an internal server. Nope, no, nope. Simply not true- moving on!

4. Fear of backups and upgrades being significantly more complicated than on servers. Fact is, cloud providers do this for you, and troubleshoot problems before they take over your day.

5. Integration is not nearly as complicated as believed. There actually are many cloud providers, offering different types of integration, so no matter the program you need to work with, there is a provider who can integrate seamlessly.

See! No excuses left, embrace the change! Contact Key Methods for more information on cloud services for your business.

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