Tips for managing Millennials

As the workforce continues to become more diverse, employees and managers alike may have to brush up on interpersonal skills and be prepared to make small adjustments.

Teams are now made up of young and old, traditional and new age, out of the box and classical ideologies. One of the strongest ‘new’ personalities we are seeing more of in the work place is the millennial.

Defined as born between 1982 and 2004, this group is typically characterized as open minded, free thinking, somewhat egocentric and prone to coloring outside the lines, so to speak.

One of the more sensitive characteristics applied to this group is their having been coddled, resulting in an “everyone is a winner” attitude, which can translate to not wanting to work as hard, to achieve the same results.
In a traditional work place scenario, this is a very difficult trait to integrate into a more traditional frame of mind. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this:

1. Coddled or not, millenials are more accepting of feedback and constructive criticism. They welcome it and will absorb and attempt to implement it without a fight. Don’t talk down or infantilize them- they are wicked smart. Talk to them as they talk to their peers, but with authority, they respect smart, creative leaders.
2. Create a good balance between independence and structure. They may want to work remotely, replace meetings with online chats and watch webinars over sit through training sessions. But they also need the structure to keep them focused. Provide deadlines, numbers, goals- things that will work to keep the fluidity of the workplace a productive one.
3. Millennials are very engaged in group work. Take advantage of this and provide ample opportunity for think tanks, group brainstorming sessions, etc.
4. Foster their need to grow and learn by offering training and advancement support. Much more than traditional workforces, this group will move on if they are not feeling challenged. Avoid the job jump by paying attention to their desire for constant improvement.

These are just a few ideas- take a look through articles and blogs for additional tips and tricks- millenials are a valuable asset, treat them accordingly.

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