McQuaig Helps Pool to Spa Services Ride the Wave to Future Success

Rick Specht, owner of Pool to Spa Services in Wenatchee, has seen much success in the past few years – and he plans to keep it that way.  “I want to make sure my business is on the right road to continued, lasting success,” Rick explains.


Rick started Pool to Spa services in 1993.  “I had been in the industry for 17 years and the timing was right to start my own business.  I really felt like there was a good market for a Pool and Spa service company in the Wenatchee Valley.


Rick has worked with McQuaig & Welk the last few years.  “In 2006 I worked with John to create my One Page Business Plan.  As it turns out we outpaced our 3 year goals in one year.”  In the spring of 2007, Pool to Spa Services and McQuaig & Welk joined forces again for a new project; a broad reaching business improvement program.  “I really want to make sure that as my business grows all my internal operations and systems are in place for building a strong, healthy company.  I also wanted to make sure we didn’t have any business issues that I couldn’t see.”


Rick continues, “John specializes in business management; I specialize in pool and spa service management.  He has enabled me to truly look at my business with a magnifying glass.  We have taken and identified each aspect of our core operations and how to improve it.  He assists me in making sure we are hitting our target numbers and that my business is on track.”


Rick adds, “I really attribute my success to others.  I surround myself with great employees, a supportive family, and excellent professional counsel.  The sky’s the limit for my business.  I really enjoy giving quality service; to strive for excellence.  And I think McQuaig & Welk is helping us succeed in that endeavor.”

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