Business Insights

John McQuaig has written numerous articles for trade and professional journals focusing on ways to increase the “bottom line” in your business.

Is Mountain Climbing Like Business?

I pondered this question as I flew back from Africa after a successful ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro this month.  Let’s start with a little bit of background.  I have intermittently climbed mountains throughout Washington State for the last…Read more >>  

Keeping Satisfied And Profitable Customers

Typically when I ask clients what keeps them awake at night they answer the potential loss of a major customer. On further questioning I quite often find out that the business is dependent on a limited number of major customers…Read more>> 

My Business Is Worth What?

Steven R. Covey in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” suggested that effective people “begin with the end in mind”. Transferring this to the business owner you need to begin with the end in mind. What is your ultimate plan for the business? Do you plan…Read more>> 

Attitude and the Entreprenur

Successful employers and employees share many personal qualities but there may also be key differences. For example, both employers and employees need a positive attitude, and a good attitude is something that generally can be nurtured…Read more>> 

You Must Strategize

The fall is the general planning season for business. What is your procedure for planning?  Do you have one?  Read more>> 

Creating a Marketing Culture

For most organizations, the number one marketing and public relations force is your own employees.  Your company will receive good, bad, or neutral “press” depending on whether the employees are satisfied and feel a part of the company’s mission and vision.  The key to eliminating the bad and neutral “press” is to empower your…Read more>>