Performance Reviews – 5 Hints to Smooth Sailing

Here’s the problem: Performance reviews, while meant to be an evaluation tool to improve efficiency, tend to do the opposite. They are time consuming, at times heated or frustrating and often do not accomplish what they are meant to.

“Performance review opens up a window of opportunity to improve and recognize potentials.”

So what can you do as a manager to change the pattern and conduct reviews that improve not only Performance Reviewsefficiency, but performance and morale?

  1. Schedule more frequent and much shorter reviews. Valuing your employee’s time is important but then again, their performance occurs on a daily basis and should be reviewed more specifically in that way.

Alternatively, keep weekly reviews on file so that in the annual review, you have much more specific information to draw upon.

  1. Don’t be confrontational, be conversational. A review is not the time to air grievances, rather it is a time to open a discussion on how both you and the employee feel their work is progressing.

Be prepared with both positive feedback and constructive criticism, though try not to frame them as unrelated – tie a positive to a constructive whenever possible.

  1. A brief list of what should be included in your review:
  2. Objectives and goals, short and long term.
  3. Assessment of progress toward the objectives and advice for getting back on track.
  4. Consistent rating system utilized in all reviews.
  5. A chance for the employee to talk, while you listen.
  6. Stop! Step away from the HR handbook! Really make an effort to not sound as if you read the book and are regurgitating clichés. You asked for the review, make it worthwhile to both you and the employee, staying consistent, simple and personal.
  7. Ensure your review has a purpose and an outcome. Before the review even begins, the employee should be clear on the purpose, what benefits and goals you wish to see, as well as how the review could affect their job duties and responsibilities.

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