New Way of Customer Buying

Consumer behavior has undergone a facelift. The new consumer has created a new way of buying and for any business hocking its wares or services, its imperative to shape new marketing strategies to suit the new consumer buying behavior.

Some refer to the new age of buying as the “buyer’s journey”.

Like we mentioned above, the internet has created a savvy and intelligent customer. In relation to the buying process, what this means is that the customer jumps in at a much different point in the process.

With the capability of research being unending, customers are skipping the entire front end of the traditional sales pitch- they don’t need to be told what it is, why they need it and how much its worth.

They know all that.
At the point of contact, the customer is already wanting to know why- but not why they need it, instead, its why they should buy it from you specifically.

The buying process no longer starts with the small talk warm up. There is not getting to know you, making connections and building a relationship. The new buyer attitude is all about convenience and cost.

This puts a lot of power in referrals (always an important part of the buying process) as well as reviews. As a seller it is imperative to be aware at all times, what is being said about you, your business, your services and/or product.

Good or bad, reviews are an essential part of the process. Think about it, for example, with Amazon, and the purchasing of a printer.
You likely go online knowing a few different models you like, based on what you may already know about printers. You did some research, you perused prices points and purchasing options.

You know have three in mind. What are you likely to do next? Read the reviews. A review is the closest thing you can get to an in person referral, that is not coming form a sales person.

If you went in to an electronics store, you would have the clerk telling you why this or that printer is best. But that clerk has an agenda. Online reviews are consumers, sharing their experiences.

It’s the next best thing to be able to take home and test out the three printers, Goldilocks and the Three Bears-style.

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