Increase Sales with Inbound Marketing

Are your leads drying up? Feeling like referrals have all been circled back? It may be time to introduce inbound marketing to perk those sales back up.

In earlier times, the sales process was longer, more drawn out, it allowed the seller to act as expert, informing the client on what they need, when they need it and what it is worth.

Enter- the World Wide Web.

Essentially, access to the internet has created a more intelligent customer, a buyer who knows what they want, where to find it and what it is worth. They no longer need to be walked through the process, which puts the seller at a disadvantage, and puts the power back in the customer’s hands.

So what is inbound marketing and how can it help your business?

One of the best descriptions out there is that inbound marketing is more about attraction, as opposed to interruption.  This strategy forces the seller to meet the consumer on their level, on their terms.

With inbound marketing the seller creates an attractive space online, a hub that is designed to bring customers in, like bees to honey. It has to be intricately designed to attract exactly what you want in a customer.

Search engine optimization, social media and pay per click advertising are simple examples of tried and true inbound marketing tactics. They are characterized as engaging and multi-faceted, rather than simple and definitive (like a print ad).

Once the client is attracted, the seller must now convert or close the deal. But the process does not end there.

With this type of lead generation (and this type of savvy customer) the most important part may come after the initial buy. You are now challenged to keep that customer coming back.

Keep them happy, keep them loyal- after all, they will not stop at “good enough”, when they are aware the “best of” is out there.


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