How to Boost Positive Customer Feedback

There are many ways to encourage client feedback. Surprisingly, both positive and negative reviews can be beneficial to your firm.

A recent study conducted by Econsultancy, found that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores.

“Carefully handle negative reviews and offer a reward for feedbacks.”

This study also revealed that bad reviews still produced a 67% conversion rate, if there were also good reviews.

The key here is to provide positive solutions to the negative feedback and create clients who are happy with their end result.

Consumers appreciate any company that listens to client complaints and makes a sincere effort to resolve them. Handling negative reviews in this way will actually improve your business’ credibility rather than damage it.

When it comes to improving positive feedback there are a few simple strategies that you can employ.

1. Find ways to encourage feedback. Clients can get frustrated when looking for an outlet to provide a review or feedback. Create simple systems such as toll-free hotlines, suggestion boxes (virtual and physical), surveys, etc.

2. Ask for feedback. Include a request in your standard communications, on your website, at your reception desk- any place you can, ask for it.

3. Set up a simple procedure that rewards feedback. Offer a discount coupon, private promotion or free gift for every client that provides feedback – both positive and negative.

4. Monitor social media and online consumer review forums for feedback. Contact these customers and rectify complaints or thank them for positive comments.



A logo is not often the reason a consumer chooses to do business with you, but it can be a powerful tool of recognition and identity. Before considering a logo redesign, ask these simple questions. Is your current logo problematic? Would a change make a positive difference? Have there been changes recently that would justify a new design? Is the logo outdated? If the answer to these questions is yes, a redesign might be a good idea. Remember, if your logo is both liked and identified, stick with what you have!



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