Hints to Better Manage Your CRM Systems


Customer-driven applications have been in existence for years. Successful businesses have always utilized the principles of which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems now formalize.

“CRM is about the interplay of strategy, tactics, processes, skills and the technology that supports these areas.”

As CRM’s become more available allowing smaller businesses to benefit from these powerful solutions, many potential problems are being widely overlooked.

Firstly the CRM application is an enabler, not a substitute for human relationship. Don’t use CRM systems as a substitute for personal contact.

Use them instead to identify client needs and opportunities and ensure they are well catered for.

Remember that CRM technology enables your organization to apply sound relationship development techniques in a systemized manner.

Once the system is in place and training has been implemented, remember the following tips:

1. CRM data must have ownership – one responsible for capturing data from both internal and external sources.

2. CRM data must be ‘cleaned’ regularly, that is, keeping the data up to date.

3. CRM data needs to have a detailed process of complete data input.

4. CRM data requires rules that should be implemented in order to maintain consistency (common spelling, abbreviations, etc.)

Work to improve the quality of the data being entered. Use drop-down lists/tables, specify field types and use formatting rules wherever possible.

These rules will assist in maintaining the share space that is the CRM and promote uniformity in information.


Take some time to brush up on your presentation skills. Presentations can make or break you, especially in sales. Small businesses can flourish with strong, clear and attractive presentations. Run a workshop so team members can also reap the benefits. Explore new methods and revisit the basics of powerful presenting and see definitive differences across the board.



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