Distinctly Different – Unique Core Differentiators


A unique core differentiator (or UCD) is something that clearly articulates how your business, product or service is different from all the rest. For that reason alone, UCD’s are critical when it comes to your growth and success.

UCDSuccessful UCD’s compel the client to buy by targeting their concerns and frustrations with the benefits that will accrue from selecting you.

A UCD must reflect your perceived advantages that will encourage a client to choose your business over another.

They should form the core of your business and affect every level of your structure. To do this, they must be clearly communicated through your message.

UCD’s are powerful in five major ways:

• They articulate exactly what your customer wants, targeting “hot buttons”.

• They improve the results from your marketing, highlighting the benefits, not just the features of your service or product.

• They give specific focus to your team, providing consistency of purpose.

• By sitting at the core of your business systems, they can improve operations.

• They increase sales by bringing in prospects, retaining clients and building a strong referral network.

“Be the first to create a concept that makes you different.”

When examining your business in an attempt to determine its UCD’s (you can have more than one) remember there are three types: Actual, Created and Perceived.

Actual UCD’s are facts that indeed make your business different. The ability to guarantee overnight shipping under any condition or refunds for services that do not make deadlines – these things reflect actual elements of your business model.

Created UCD’s are implemented when a business struggles to determine its differences. A unique after-sales service or installation service can do the trick.

Still cannot come up with something? Perception is king when it comes to marketing.

These perceptions must be based on factual evidence.  But choosing to market these facts when the competition is not, makes them perceived differentiators to the consumer.

Try looking at your business, product or service through the consumer’s eyes. It will help produce a new point of view and highlight differentiators.

Ask your team, have someone ask you, ask your clients – each of these groups have a unique perspective.

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