Dangers of DIY Marketing


Here’s the hard-to-hear truth: Doing it yourself seems like the best option when kick-starting a business. But there is a time and a place for such strategies and when it comes to marketing, this is neither the best time nor place.

DIY MarketingAfter all, there are few things in your business that you have to get as right as marketing. And we always advocate that, unless you have the right skill set, you should always engage and consider carefully the advice provided by professionals.

Too often the small business owner is all about creating a marketing strategy that appeals to them. The main problem here is that the business owner is unlikely to ever be a prospective customer of their own business.

They have greater insights than a typical prospective customer. They look at things from a different angle. And for that reason, they will respond to a very different message than a prospect would.

Often the things that they like most about their own campaign are the things that fail to strike a chord with a genuine prospect.

When creating a marketing message it is very important to put yourself firmly in the mindset of a good quality prospect.

“What will your customers get when choosing your products?”

You really have to separate your own preferences and biases. Many business owners get too precious about their particular product or service. And why not? After all, chances are you have developed your product based on a belief that you can make it the best that you can.

But the secret to good marketing is to clearly understand what is in the mind of that good quality prospect. What experiences are they drawing from when choosing a product from your industry?

It’s a great idea to have conversations with existing customers to learn about what attracted them to your business and why they stay.

Discovering what is important to your existing customers can then be used in a targeted message to prospective customers. There is already a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. The challenge is to find out how best to gather and analyze that knowledge and turn it into a compelling marketing message.


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