Customer Focused Selling

We know the comparison well – “old school vs. new school”. In sales, this is a constant back and forth. Retaining classic strategies has its use though it is just as important to look fresh and innovative and continue to evolve.

Don’t panic – we aren’t suggesting tossing out the whole kit and caboodle! There are tried and true methods that will always work and, of course, there is also always opportunity to improve.

“Be different, offer more, and take the lead.”

Moving into a new year or for that matter a new quarter or season, is a good time to examine where there is room for improvement.

Customer SellingTrust us, your competition is doing the same. And that’s why it is important to never rest on your laurels.  Always look for ways to keep forging ahead.

In general, we are seeing a trend in new techniques that are more customer focused. Changes in the way consumers are transacting in business has allowed for this shift to happen naturally.

It is clear that social media is having a significant influence on this.  And so are more sophisticated search engines that are making it easier for prospects to do research before they choose to buy.

Customers are becoming more comfortable with entering into online discussions with suppliers or other customers to learn from their experiences.

In many ways that makes them more eager customers when they decide it’s time to buy.  They feel more informed and with information comes confidence.

But it also means they can be encouraged to make wrong decisions through bias.

That’s why it is important to consider new ways to engage with your customer – communication and education must be key.

Try to introduce a new interactive service to your customers each year, season or quarter.  Tailor your sales process around your customer. Sure, we are all following the same basic procedure – though how you interact and service your customers can be the point of difference to help you stand out from the pack.

Take the opportunity to brush up – see what seminars, webinars or conferences are being offered in your industry. No one is asking you to reinvent the wheel – just to pay attention to how the wheel of business may be changing!




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