Employee Assessments

McQuaig & Welk is a strategic business partner of the premier assessment company in the United States, Profiles International. Profiles provides a comprehensive array of employee assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively.

If you’re facing these issues…

  • High employee turnover cost
  • Sales inneffectiveness
  • Poor customer service
  • Employee absenteeism
  • Poor employee hiring practices
  • Poor job fit

Then we can help you…

  • Hire top performers
  • Maximize employee production
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Identify and develop leaders
  • Put your sales staff on the same page
  • Hire top sales performers

If you’re having employee issues, let us help.

We offer a complimentary assessment to see for yourself the benefits of using profiles in your hiring and promotions process. We utilize a web-based system that allows our clients to simply complete the assessment online.

Contact us for a sample assessment