Business Diagnostic

Using a sophisticated business analysis tool, we will work closely with you to assess critical areas of your business. The information you provide will allow us to conduct a high-level diagnostic review of your current strategic position and overall operational performance.

Based on the diagnostic review, we will help you identify exactly what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals.

Together we will develop key action steps to make it happen.

We look at the following key performance areas of your business:

Vision – Clarifies your direction and the desired future position of the business.
Strategy – Obtains a picture of how you plan to reach your goals.
Structure – Examines how the business is organized.
Products and Services – Provides an overall view of the competitiveness of your products and services, and how well you manage their procurement, production and distribution.
Marketing and Sales – Examines how you take your product to market and sell it.
People – Assesses the suitability of your team, and how well you deal with people management.
Culture – Picks up on the “unwritten” rules that drive behavior in your business.
Systems and Processes – Provides information about your systems and operational procedures, and how technology supports them.
Finance – Focuses on the financial performance of the business.