Increase Sales with Inbound Marketing

Are your leads drying up? Feeling like referrals have all been circled back? It may be time to introduce inbound marketing to perk those sales back up. In earlier times, the sales process was longer, more drawn out, it allowed the seller to act as expert, informing the client on what they need, when they […]

Marketing vs. Sales – A Small Business Breakdown

While both concepts are indeed, based around persuasion, sales and marketing actually have very different agendas, especially when it comes to small business management. It’s a little like the old “which came first, the chicken or the egg” philosophy- they rely on each other in order to exist (and more importantly, to be effective). Let’s […]

New Way of Customer Buying

Consumer behavior has undergone a facelift. The new consumer has created a new way of buying and for any business hocking its wares or services, its imperative to shape new marketing strategies to suit the new consumer buying behavior. Some refer to the new age of buying as the “buyer’s journey”. Like we mentioned above, […]

Tips to Being A Better Business Writer

Writing is writing, no matter the scope. It is of vital importance that your written word (any and all of it) be carefully crafted, professionally presented and grammatically correct. Let’s start small, yet ubiquitous- the email. Emails go out to clients, employees, investors, vendors, and potentials in all of these categories. For many of these […]

Finding Your Business Niche

It is a well-known fact that clients are more likely to pay higher prices for a more specialized and targeted product or service. This kind of specialization also helps create the niche market in which your business is best set for success. Ask yourself the following questions: What and to whom are you selling? Is […]

Dangers of DIY Marketing

Here’s the hard-to-hear truth: Doing it yourself seems like the best option when kick-starting a business. But there is a time and a place for such strategies and when it comes to marketing, this is neither the best time nor place. After all, there are few things in your business that you have to get […]

Why Business Owners Need To Be On LinkedIn

 “If you aren’t on LinkedIn you aren’t in business!” – Dan Sherman Okay, granted he is the founder of the training program Linked Success, so he may be just a touch biased, but we still think he has a point! Arguably the most business-focused social media outlet, LinkedIn is a network about just that – […]

Asking For Referrals Tactfully

You are a new or small business, you are running a tight ship when it comes to expenses, yet you need to get the word out there. The best place to start is with your happy returning clients and to rely on good old-fashioned word of mouth – it’s effective, fluent, and free! A recommendation […]

Marketing To Your Perfect Customer – Using Your Customer Profile

So we have talked about how to build a client profile, now let’s address the best ways to market directly to that perfectly crafted clientele!  Refresher- your client profile is a distinct outline of the ideal client for your business, based on a multi-faceted examination of your targeted market. You put in all that work […]

Finding Your Perfect Client – Creating a Client Profile

How would you like to know EXACTLY what to say in your marketing messaging? To know EXACTLY what brand identity you need? That’s right, you are getting the point – being EXACT is the key to drawing in the perfect client. How can you be more exact? Create a client profile, of course! Before you […]