Benefits of an Internal Audit

The word “audit” is scary. Cue sweaty palms, racing minds, and a general feeling of unease and panic. However, when we are talking about an internal audit, the ball is in your court and the benefits greatly outweigh those pesky panicked feelings. Internal audits aim to assess: 1. Functionality 2. Risk 3. Solutions Instead of […]

Common Reasons Projects Fail

There is a surprising amount of research on this topic- business owners and experts-alike have a fascination with studying their failures, and rightfully so! It’s only failure if you do not learn from the mistakes, and develop practices to prevent them in the future… First of all, goals. If you do not expertly provide your […]

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Be Afraid Of The Cloud

Progress and change are inevitable, and when it comes to small businesses and the dreaded cloud, the time for change has arrived! Experts are now saying that past 2015, those who still fear the cloud are falling swiftly behind the times and will consequently start the slippery slope towards insignificance. Ouch, experts! Some of us […]

How to Use Data to Improve Culture

With shifts in technology essentially change the way we do business intrinsically, it is important for small business to realize that the access to data is changing the game. Just because you aren’t one of the big boys, with access to eons of consumer data, you can still utilize what you can to benefit your […]

Finding Your Business Niche

It is a well-known fact that clients are more likely to pay higher prices for a more specialized and targeted product or service. This kind of specialization also helps create the niche market in which your business is best set for success. Ask yourself the following questions: What and to whom are you selling? Is […]

Dangers of DIY Marketing

Here’s the hard-to-hear truth: Doing it yourself seems like the best option when kick-starting a business. But there is a time and a place for such strategies and when it comes to marketing, this is neither the best time nor place. After all, there are few things in your business that you have to get […]

What is Your Legacy?

All good things must come to an end – including your reign as a small business owner! Eventually you will have to make some choices about the future of your company, when you can’t (or no longer want to) be in charge. Leaving a legacy starts at the beginning – much like many aspects of […]

Performance Reviews – 5 Hints to Smooth Sailing

Here’s the problem: Performance reviews, while meant to be an evaluation tool to improve efficiency, tend to do the opposite. They are time consuming, at times heated or frustrating and often do not accomplish what they are meant to. “Performance review opens up a window of opportunity to improve and recognize potentials.” So what can […]

Customer Focused Selling

We know the comparison well – “old school vs. new school”. In sales, this is a constant back and forth. Retaining classic strategies has its use though it is just as important to look fresh and innovative and continue to evolve. Don’t panic – we aren’t suggesting tossing out the whole kit and caboodle! There […]

Benefits of Project Debriefing

Think about it – we are constantly ‘briefing’. Meetings, projects, seminars, workshops – they all start with a briefing. What often gets dropped from the agenda is the equally important, de-briefing. We brief so that we have an agenda, to provide a timeline, something to follow. This way, you can clearly mark where and when […]