Best Ways to Manage Your Motivated (and Unmotivated) Employees

It’s not black and white- employees are not one or the other: motivated or unmotivated. Likely you will find that most of them fall somewhere in between, with outliers on either side.

This difference in motivated can make leadership slightly difficult; in that one blanket tactic will not be successful. You will need to adopt diverse methods to account for your outliers and your in-between-ers.

Start by identifying who fits in where, as best you can. This is best done during the interview process. Ask pointed questions like asking them to describe a time they tackled a comparable project.

Always insist on hearing other ways/times the potential employee demonstrated a motivational initiative without being asked.

The answers can give you a good idea of where the motivation level may lie. Remind yourself that motivation to get the work done and motivation to get the job are very different.

Your best bet is to attempt to eliminate behaviors and environments that decrease motivation. Nip it in the bud, as they say, removing the obstacle before it has a chance to damage.

Treat each team member to some one on one time- fifteen minutes per month dedicated to an employee allows you to cater to the style and motivational level of each individual, catering to and encouraging diversity within your team.

Stock yourself with well-respected, motivated managers, so act as liaison between upper management and employees. Recruit these team members with the most precision- they can make or break your team.

Another positive motivator is to promote from within and to offer training and improvement options for team members. Employees who work their way into management roles alongside their peers garner respect and demonstrate empathy.

Never forget to congratulate and recognize achievements, no matter how small. And when you must have conversations of a more reprimanding manner, be sure to do it in a safe, private space, that encourages openness and conversation.

BLURB: The importance of motivation

Sure, it is the best for your business, but consider the other benefits of highly motivated employees- they are better with conflict resolution, are more innovative, more engaged with customers, and drive up sales.



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