Beating Business Burn Out – Are You at Risk?

Small business owners will be the first to admit to burning the midnight oil in order to get things done. They are no strangers to crack of dawn wake-up calls and running on empty for days on end. What they are not always aware of are the dangers of the slow burn out when pushing the limits becomes detrimental to the company.

“Burn out does not happen overnight.”

You will not wake up one morning and simply combust but rather slowly erode to a point of potential no return.

Beating BusinessBurnout leads to fatigue, which will affect decision-making, confidence, and energy levels. Simultaneously, business practices will suffer from procrastination, inflexibility and overall pessimism, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

Preventing business burnout is possible, but just like any other virus, it must be stopped before it has a chance to fester and grow out of control.

So stock up on the three most powerful weapons:

• Managing your work. Be wary of over-commitment, delegation of resources and perfectionism.

• Renew, restore and rejuvenate on both a daily and long-term level and take personal time-outs.

• Focus on the ‘right work’, which balances fulfilment both personally and professionally.

Burn out can easily sizzle your inner-fire; the passion that is propelling the business forward can be put out when workload is not being managed effectively.

Seek out mentors and personal support systems to turn to when you need to feel revitalized. Counsel from those who have been there before is vital.

Surround yourself with a network of positive, goal-oriented people who share similar visions. Positivity is contagious.

Stop feeling guilty- remember that moving on is not the same as giving up. Accept the chaos and choose to own it, make it yours. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Balking the obvious nods to slowing down, begin new endeavors and expand the business horizons. This may reignite the passion that the early stages of entrepreneurialism initially instigated.

Be aware of the early signs of burn out, in preparation for scratching that itch before it becomes a problem.  Difficulty in completing simple tasks, loss of creativity, resentment and joyless execution of otherwise exciting tasks are some of the first signs.

Remember that a business is a journey, not a destination. The road to success is bound to be paved with patchy terrain and burnout can happen at any time in the process. Do not put a timeline on recovering from burn out; giving yourself the time to rest is imperative to a fully restorative recovery.

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