July / 2017

Increase Sales with Inbound Marketing

Are your leads drying up? Feeling like referrals have all been circled back? It may be time to introduce inbound marketing to perk those sales back up. In earlier times, the sales process was longer, more drawn out, it allowed the seller to act as expert, informing the client on what they need, when they […]

Benefits of an Internal Business Audit

With limited resources, it can be a daunting challenge to consider an internal audit process in a small business, though this is not an area in which skimping is recommended. They say when it rains it pours, and an internal audit can help blow the storm clouds clear away from your business! An internal audit […]

Marketing vs. Sales – A Small Business Breakdown

While both concepts are indeed, based around persuasion, sales and marketing actually have very different agendas, especially when it comes to small business management. It’s a little like the old “which came first, the chicken or the egg” philosophy- they rely on each other in order to exist (and more importantly, to be effective). Let’s […]