June / 2017

The Double-Edged Sword of Remote Teams

The bottom line? Yes, in the throes of the beginning stages of business start up, you will likely cave to the whim of the remote employee option.  And yes, it will be because it is more cost effective, but how will affect your team management skills? The truth: it’s a challenge. But with proper management, […]

What We Can Learn From United Airline’s PR Crisis

Ah, the power of public relations. The United incident earlier this year could be most certainly, considered, a public relations nightmare. In its wake of destruction, one such incident caused a downward trend in sales and has shined a glaring spotlight on their most minute and inconsequential of errors. The thing with PR, is once […]

How to Manage a Struggling Company Culture

One man show, team of two or staff of 700- the number of employees has no affect on the importance of company culture. It should be developed at the same stage you build your business plan- incorporated and ingrained into each decision from the get go. Sure, the size of your business will determine how […]