May / 2017

Signs you are ready to expand your business

Are you finally pushing profit margins into the green? Great! But don’t jump on the expansion wagon just yet… Take a breather, reassess and make sure that your business ticks the boxes (or at least most of them) that signal you are ready for growth. Start with the most important asset you have- your team. […]

Tips for managing Millennials

As the workforce continues to become more diverse, employees and managers alike may have to brush up on interpersonal skills and be prepared to make small adjustments. Teams are now made up of young and old, traditional and new age, out of the box and classical ideologies. One of the strongest ‘new’ personalities we are […]

New Way of Customer Buying

Consumer behavior has undergone a facelift. The new consumer has created a new way of buying and for any business hocking its wares or services, its imperative to shape new marketing strategies to suit the new consumer buying behavior. Some refer to the new age of buying as the “buyer’s journey”. Like we mentioned above, […]