February / 2017

Should you ditch that Nightmare Client?

As a growing small business, it can be very difficult to want to turn away cash in hand. However, there is indeed a time, place and situation in which you may want to consider passing on the business, to avoid the nightmare client. All clients are not created equally! Therefore all sales will not follow […]

The Top Business Trends of 2017 that Spell Success

2016 is over and done with, whether you had enough time to accomplish your goals or not. The best way to keep afloat is to head into the New Year with a working knowledge of some of businesses top predicted trends of 2017. This way, even if playing a little catch up, you will hit […]

Tackle Turnover – What managers are doing to make good employees leave

Turnover is a small business manager’s beast of burden. Retaining good employees is one of the biggest challenges, no matter the industry. Interestingly enough, many experts claim that good employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. There are several things that you may want to cover and recover with your managerial staff. Simple things, that […]