December / 2016

Tips to Being A Better Business Writer

Writing is writing, no matter the scope. It is of vital importance that your written word (any and all of it) be carefully crafted, professionally presented and grammatically correct. Let’s start small, yet ubiquitous- the email. Emails go out to clients, employees, investors, vendors, and potentials in all of these categories. For many of these […]

You Can’t Please Everyone – How and When to Say NO

As much as it may go against the very nature of a strong entrepreneurial leader, saying no is as empowering as your first day of business, your first big sale or your biggest success to date. The best part? While many of the milestones happen only once, the bold decision to say “NO” can happen […]

Organizational Alignment

“Think of alignment as a playbook for the entire company, just like in sports. For a coach to make sure every player is on the same page and goals are made, that playbook needs to be shared and discussed in real time.” –Andre Lavoie, CEO of Clear Company This is one of the most clear-cut […]