October / 2016

Are Employee Recognition Programs Bad for Your Business?

So, this may sound like a contradiction, as we have in the past touted the importance of these types of programs, and we are not taking that advice back. But it is important to examine both sides of the story, and to be aware of the dangerous pitfalls that come with initiating employee rewards. In […]

Common Communication Failures (And How to Fix Them)

Starting your business may be a one-man show, but eventually, it will be time for the onboarding of new partners, colleagues, and team members. With each new individual comes a new collaboration, and with that, perhaps new challenges in communication. Every person has their own unique method of communication. One of the most essential qualities […]

Benefits of an Internal Audit

The word “audit” is scary. Cue sweaty palms, racing minds, and a general feeling of unease and panic. However, when we are talking about an internal audit, the ball is in your court and the benefits greatly outweigh those pesky panicked feelings. Internal audits aim to assess: 1. Functionality 2. Risk 3. Solutions Instead of […]