March / 2016

Finding Your Business Niche

It is a well-known fact that clients are more likely to pay higher prices for a more specialized and targeted product or service. This kind of specialization also helps create the niche market in which your business is best set for success. Ask yourself the following questions: What and to whom are you selling? Is […]

Dangers of DIY Marketing

Here’s the hard-to-hear truth: Doing it yourself seems like the best option when kick-starting a business. But there is a time and a place for such strategies and when it comes to marketing, this is neither the best time nor place. After all, there are few things in your business that you have to get […]

What is Your Legacy?

All good things must come to an end – including your reign as a small business owner! Eventually you will have to make some choices about the future of your company, when you can’t (or no longer want to) be in charge. Leaving a legacy starts at the beginning – much like many aspects of […]