February / 2016

Performance Reviews – 5 Hints to Smooth Sailing

Here’s the problem: Performance reviews, while meant to be an evaluation tool to improve efficiency, tend to do the opposite. They are time consuming, at times heated or frustrating and often do not accomplish what they are meant to. “Performance review opens up a window of opportunity to improve and recognize potentials.” So what can […]

Customer Focused Selling

We know the comparison well – “old school vs. new school”. In sales, this is a constant back and forth. Retaining classic strategies has its use though it is just as important to look fresh and innovative and continue to evolve. Don’t panic – we aren’t suggesting tossing out the whole kit and caboodle! There […]

Benefits of Project Debriefing

Think about it – we are constantly ‘briefing’. Meetings, projects, seminars, workshops – they all start with a briefing. What often gets dropped from the agenda is the equally important, de-briefing. We brief so that we have an agenda, to provide a timeline, something to follow. This way, you can clearly mark where and when […]

Smart Budgeting Tips for Small Business

Since sales are never a constant over a year it is vital that small business owners really take a fine tooth comb to their finances and budget for both the highs and lows. Here are some of our tips for smart budgeting: Always overestimate your expenses. If you go over, you will have room to […]