September / 2015

Why Business Owners Need To Be On LinkedIn

 “If you aren’t on LinkedIn you aren’t in business!” – Dan Sherman Okay, granted he is the founder of the training program Linked Success, so he may be just a touch biased, but we still think he has a point! Arguably the most business-focused social media outlet, LinkedIn is a network about just that – […]

How to Create a Strong Password

If you are like most small business owners, thinking about passwords may make your head want to spin. They are cumbersome to create, difficult to remember and a huge pain to deal with when forgotten. But they protect everything you have worked for and therefore demand strength! With recent news highlighting hack after hack, it […]

Good Customer Service = Business Success

Nobody (and no business!) is perfect. There will be angry, disgruntled and dissatisfied clients, no matter how flawless your business plan is executed. Take control of the negative and you can seamlessly channel these into positives. On average, a client with a complaint tells 9-10 people about the experience. Conversely, a client whose complaint is […]