April / 2015

How to Deliver Bad News

Bad news comes in all forms and in small business management can be directed in many different ways: to employees, to clients, to customers, to partners – no matter to whom – bad news is demoralizing. Effectively delivering such news is really just crisis management. Your delivery may not change the outcome however it can […]

Marketing To Your Perfect Customer – Using Your Customer Profile

So we have talked about how to build a client profile, now let’s address the best ways to market directly to that perfectly crafted clientele!  Refresher- your client profile is a distinct outline of the ideal client for your business, based on a multi-faceted examination of your targeted market. You put in all that work […]

The Numbers Every Business Owner Needs To Know

When starting a new business venture the ability to predict the outcome is needed to be able to remove a significant amount of stress that burdens small business owners. Most experts would argue that there are 7 significant numbers that should be on your radar: 1. Working Capital/Cash Flow. This is the lifeblood of the […]