March / 2015

Finding Your Perfect Client – Creating a Client Profile

How would you like to know EXACTLY what to say in your marketing messaging? To know EXACTLY what brand identity you need? That’s right, you are getting the point – being EXACT is the key to drawing in the perfect client. How can you be more exact? Create a client profile, of course! Before you […]

Tips to Become a Better Negotiator

“Negotiation means getting the best of your opponent.” –Marvin Gaye We do it all day, every day at home, at work, in our heads – negotiating is an inherent part of our lives. So who wouldn’t want to become better at such an integral skill? “Knowing what you want and when to get it.” First […]

5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up At Night

Sleepless nights are no stranger to the small business owner. There are some common issues that keep business owners up at night and we hope to provide some simple solutions to help put those issues to bed, so you can rest easy! 1. Overwhelming Workload Lying down to rest can often be tough, especially when […]