February / 2015

Getting the Most Out Of Your Work Day

So much to do, so little time…sound familiar? If you own a small business, then of course it does!  The constraints of time will always feel like a ball and chain, dragging even the most hardworking entrepreneur along with it. What to do? Start on a daily basis, attempting the (seemingly) daunting task of time […]

Sell. Sell. Sell…

When it comes to sales, achieving results is the goal, and when we fall short, the problem often lies in the initial strategy, or lack thereof.  Effective selling comes down to one thing – a distinct, solid and foolproof sales strategy. So what exactly is that, you ask?  A sales strategy consists of a plan […]

Things to Consider When Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Stuck in a rut, feeling burnt out, lacking motivation? These may be early signs that it’s time to take things up a notch. Accepting these symptoms as the norm can mean falling behind and is a risk most small business owners cannot afford to take in a saturated and hypercompetitive market. There are many strategies that […]