September / 2014

Keeping Track Of Your Business

While bringing in new clients, developing marketing strategies and managing accounts are all sound and necessary practices for a small business, they do not, in themselves, ensure the overall health of your business. “Constantly monitor cash flow and incoming sales leads.” Monitoring progress throughout your business is like attaching a pace-maker. It aims to provide […]

Secrets to Keep Your Business Looking Good

Just as business health should never be neglected, it is equally important to present a tight, clean and stream-lined look to your customers. We tend to be attracted to order and cleanliness, and will usually choose the business that seems to have it together on the outside, regardless of their internal situation. Presenting a well-cultivated […]

How to Build “A Client Journey Map”

So what the heck is a client journey map? It is a way of documenting the total client experience across all contact points of your business on their path to a sale. How are clients interacting with you and where are the gaps? Analyzing your business in this way is important because it helps you […]