February / 2014

Your Most Important Investment – Team Training

Like anything else in the world, small businesses are only as strong as their weakest link. The importance of team training is often not recognized and unfortunately, the budget for training is usually the first thing cut in tough times. Employers also harbor concern that investing employee time in training may cause delays in project […]

Shifting Strategies

A basketball player recognizes their original route to the basket has been blocked: what do they do? Easy- without a second thought, they pivot and shift strategies, rerouting themselves onto the quickest and easiest route to the basket. Two points! When it comes to obstacles in the original plan, small business owners need to act […]

Don’t Give Up: Why Persistence Pays Off

Start-ups and small businesses are more akin to marathons than sprints:  the road is long, the obstacles are unpredictable and the results are often varied. Just like distance runners, training in persistence is the key to success. Persistence is multi-faceted. Persistence is learning, trying, failing and repeating.  Eventually this will lead to looking back on […]

Proud Partners – Protecting Partnerships

Entrepreneurs tend to begin their road to small business alone – a sole proprietor structure limits the accountability and makes the tough decision making just a tad easier. After all, it is their headstrong egoism that has driven them to get this far and battling another like-minded partner can mean rough seas for a startup. […]