January / 2014

Charity Starts at Work – Community Matters

This year, kick off January by asking yourself not what you can do for your business, but what your business could be doing for others! Who supports small businesses? Communities do! It is time to recognize their devotion and start giving back. Charity is an overlooked, underrated way for small business owners to boost their […]

Members’ First – Creating Loyalty Programs

The fact is pretty clear – client retention is more lucrative than client acquisition. Repeat clients are what keep small businesses afloat and targeting them should be like shooting fish in a barrel. So why isn’t it? Remember – your client always has a choice. In any industry exploding with options, the client must be […]

Beating Business Burn Out – Are You at Risk?

Small business owners will be the first to admit to burning the midnight oil in order to get things done. They are no strangers to crack of dawn wake-up calls and running on empty for days on end. What they are not always aware of are the dangers of the slow burn out when pushing […]

Brands Come Alive at the Movies – Video Marketing

For small business owners, allocating advertising dollars can be one of the most challenging tasks. With limited cash flow, traditional advertising mediums can be a huge stretch, often forcing business owners to choose just one outlet. Video marketing is a welcome alternative to high-cost mediums like print and television and often require less initiative than […]