August / 2013

How to Buy a Business

Buying a business is easier than building one yourself but it has its own challenges. Despite the fact that buying is a more expensive proposition than building, banks will see it as a safer option because they can look at the business’s track record as a guarantee for future earnings to pay them back their […]

Protecting Your Employees from Poaching

Poaching or employee raiding is when another business or firm targets your valued team members and attempts to lure them away. Small businesses, especially successful ones, become viable targets because bigger businesses know they can offer more in terms of cash benefits. So how do you ensure that your small business retains those valuable team […]

Why Small Businesses Go Mobile (Mobile vs Desktop)

“The Rise of the Mobile Only User”, “Mobile Internet Traffic Gaining Fast” and “Mobile’s browser usage share jumps…”- these are the kind of headlines that pop up when you search the web for ‘mobile vs. desktop’. Expect that to continue. Studies continuously show that consumers are relying more heavily on mobile web browsing than that […]