July / 2013

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

This topic covers the benefits of developing a business plan in gaining increased control over business operations and improved opportunities to step back and work ON rather than IN the business .Describes how to create a complete plan for the business or just a set of action steps covering the critical areas of operation. The […]

Distinctly Different – Unique Core Differentiators

A unique core differentiator (or UCD) is something that clearly articulates how your business, product or service is different from all the rest. For that reason alone, UCD’s are critical when it comes to your growth and success. Successful UCD’s compel the client to buy by targeting their concerns and frustrations with the benefits that […]

Blog Your Business to Success

Starting a blog, whatever the reason – to boost sales, connect with customers or enter into a new market niche – can be an invaluable asset to a small business owner. We have talked relentlessly about the importance of mobile marketing and the acceptance that websites and a presence on the Internet are no longer […]

Time Saving Strategies

No need to quote studies or research here – small business owners know how many hours they put in to their business. With the business up and running there are a few helpful ways to relieve the pressure and take a well-deserved breather. The biggest challenge for many small business owners can be delegation. It […]