June / 2013

Creating your Unique Core Differentiators

Perception is the reality-people buy based on differences They Perceive. It’s the differences that potential customers perceive that make them choose one business over another. And those differences make the customer feel more confident about their final decision as well. Unique Core Differentiators (UCDs) clearly articulate what makes your business different. They are the special […]

Crowdfunding and the Small Business Model

What the heck is Crowdfunding, you ask? It is such a new concept that even Microsoft’s spell check does not recognize it! The term may be fresh to the small business world, but the idea behind it is very simple. In fact, you may already be involved in Crowdfunding, and not even know it. “The […]

Phone a Friend – Business to Business Marketing

“Business to business” marketing? How is that different from marketing that is directed at the consumer?  Isn’t it ultimately about generating leads and closing sales? Well, sort of. Business to business marketing (B2B) is a little different than business to consumer marketing (B2C) and it is important for small business owners to know the difference. […]

Professionalizing the Family Business

Statistics show that approximately 35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled. At some point, these were all small start-up enterprises who kept it in the family while getting things off the ground. But at some point those mom-and-pop ventures must take on a more professional face, presenting themselves as competition for the big guys. This […]