April / 2013

Sustaining a Competitive Advantage

Basically there are three main ways in which you can compete in the marketplace: On Price By serving a niche market better than anybody else On the individuality of your product or service Which of these is the better long-term strategy? Undoubtedly a lower price than the competitor is an immediate advantage – but will […]

Selling Solutions – Not Products

There’s that old adage that no one wants to buy a drill.  What they really want to buy is a hole. Understanding what your client really wants can improve the client experience immensely.  And a better client experience means a greater likelihood of selling more at greater prices to loyal clients. And that’s a great […]

Being an “Open Book” Business

The term ‘open-book management’ was coined in 1993 by John Case, of Inc. Magazine. The idea behind the strategy was that companies would perform better when employees viewed themselves as partners in the business, rather than the hired help. “A successful open- book business may well see a boost in loyalty and productivity.” At its […]

Ideas to Keep Your Business on Track

The business environment is constantly evolving.  So there is a need to constantly change in order to thrive. But that’s not to say there is a constant need to keep overturning the apple cart.  Adopt simple strategies that will help keep your business on track and prevent inertia. A tennis match would have no meaning […]

Invest in Ingenuity Instead of Spending

Ingenuity, creativity and innovation stem from our innate desire to create something new, something better. Discovering and offering the newer and the better is the lifeblood of small businesses. As managers, owners and leaders it is crucial that we encourage and support creativity and innovation in the workplace. Longevity is always a goal for small […]