March / 2013

Client Collaboration

It’s not rocket science – increasing client interaction leads to an improvement in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Read: the more the client feels valued and part of the process, the more likely they are to become a repeat buyer. Simple, right? The shocking statistics say otherwise. In 2012, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index noted that […]

Motivating Your Team – Tips to Inspire without Breaking the Bank

In a tight-fisted economy where employee perks are being hacked away to cut costs, managers are finding it harder and harder to motivate team members. Money may make the world go round but research actually shows that it may not be the best motivator. Some studies have shown that, in fact, good old-fashioned competition may […]

The 3 Key Numbers Vital to Improving Your Business Health

Understanding what makes your business tick is fundamental to ensuring the things you do are leading it in the right direction. In this webinar, we will be introducing you to three critical things you must understand in your financial statements in order to manage it properly. We refer to them as: Net profit margin Cash […]

Managing Your Marketing Message

Business can be tough so when it comes to marketing it’s important to put your best foot forward.  In small business marketing that “foot” – your message – is the first and foremost representation of who you are and what you do.  Focus on it and apply some strategies to help you optimize the message. […]

Exploring Ecommerce

Electronic commerce, more commonly known as ecommerce, refers to the online interaction between consumer and business. It is the simple buying and selling of services or products – the bricks and mortar of any business. In today’s fast moving world small businesses are feeling pressured into taking the e-commerce plunge with the suggestion of dire […]