February / 2013

The Elevator Pitch

Ever been hit with a “What is it you do?” moment while sitting in a departure lounge, at a chance meeting or even in an elevator? Knowing you have ½ a dozen floors to describe your business model can be overwhelming and leave you mumbling out a stream of nonsense that in no way describes […]

Making Decisions with Confidence

Our decisions shape our lives, our business, and our past, present and future. Being a confident decision maker may seem challenging at times but essentially it is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a successful business. Procrastination, distraction and general malaise are common tools employed to put off making a decision. […]

Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners

While we all want to be optimistic when we start any business venture, it is just as important to be aware of the possible future outcomes. The best exit strategy is the one that fits into your business goals, adheres to your core values and is planned out well ahead of time. An exit strategy […]

The ‘Three Stages’ of a Consumer

In economics 101 a “consumer” is defined as anyone who purchases services or products for their own personal ‘consumption’. Services and products are for sale, consumers are in the market to buy services and products, so it’s just a simple matter of matching the two, right? In actuality, consumer buying behavior is a study all […]