December / 2012

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles-they are unavoidable and at times seem never-ending. Piling up and suffocating businesses before they have a chance to breathe. But overcoming obstacles builds company culture, breeds character and ultimately separates the fleeting from the robust. Problems will be a regular part of life for any company; it is how you choose to handle the […]

Client Lifetime Value

Client Lifetime Value (CLV): an estimate of the net profit that will result from a single client over the time they deal with you. These days, marketing strategies are focusing on becoming more client-centric. All businesses need to learn the value of applying an equal emphasis to retention of existing clients as they do to […]

Employee Chemistry – Don’t Let It Fizzle Out!

A company functions best when there is a cohesive team of dedicated individuals who value teamwork, innovation and good old-fashioned hard work. The breakdown of any one of these variables can cause insurmountable issues. That’s why it is crucial to nurture relationships and provide a culture that promotes collaboration and creativity. Creating cohesion will improve […]