October / 2012

Policies and Procedures Manual Review

In many small firms the Policies and Procedures (PP) manual functions as the strategic link between the business’ vision and its day-to-day activities. This document will construct and define roles and responsibilities while allowing operations to proceed at their smoothest. A comprehensive PP manual defines business policies and communicates corporate standards for actions and behaviors. […]

Tips to Build Your Brand

Strong, consistent, well-managed brands will produce higher market values and competitive advantages for the businesses that develop them. Each time a client interacts with your brand, the experience they have plays a part in defining who you are as a company. Brand management is what turns a small business idea into a household name. “Your […]

Keeping Your Computer at Peak Performance

There is little more frustrating than the frequent obstacles presented by our tech-reliant work lifestyles. The copier is down, the printer is jammed, your computer has frozen – these kinds of daily hiccups can put a weighty strain on productivity. Eliminate some of these unexpected delays by maintaining the health and functionality of your computer. […]

Leading by Example – How to be a Better Leader

Everywhere we look; it appears that the most conventional ideas of a leader are shifting. In small businesses we are now seeing a very different model of leadership flourish. The traditional model is triangular with a ‘big chief’ at the top, supported by the base of lower to mid level employees. Today we are seeing […]