August / 2012

How to Negotiate Like a Pro

For some people, negotiating comes as second nature. The rest of us need to carefully study and learn negotiation strategies to be sure we don’t end up on the losing end of business deals. Business is about relationships, so the art of skillful negotiation is an asset to any business. Start with the basics. Whenever […]

Keeping Business Projects on Track

There are many reasons that can cause a project to fail during the implementation phase – funding, motivation, time-management and focus are among the usual culprits. Try incorporating these simple steps into your company to ensure that the excitement and drive of a new project gets carried through to fruition every time. Once a project […]

Extending Your Reach: eMarketing

eMarketing should form an integral part of almost any firms’ marketing strategy. It’s very useful for start-up or small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive. As with all marketing strategies, the ultimate goals should include: 1. Generate and identify new leads 2. Enhance your brand and create a recognizable and lasting identity 3. Retain […]

How to Boost Positive Customer Feedback

There are many ways to encourage client feedback. Surprisingly, both positive and negative reviews can be beneficial to your firm. A recent study conducted by Econsultancy, found that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. “Carefully handle negative reviews and offer a reward for feedbacks.” This study also […]