June / 2012

Effective Delegation

Delegating (giving someone authority to act and react to situations without referring back to you) is an important management tool. But many small business owners prefer to take on almost everything and find it difficult to divvy up tasks to staff members for fear of losing control. Embracing effective delegation techniques will not only keep […]

Using Offers to Win Business

One of the most important factors to consider when trying to appeal to the consumer is the “What’s In It – For Me?” (WIIFM) element. It is the main driving force behind almost any buying decision so a similar thought process occurs when consumers read or hear an advertisement. By simply including an offer that […]

Building a Great Team Culture

It seems that the challenge of building a team has been with us forever. People are the essential ingredient in all businesses however many business owners struggle to harness and develop the huge opportunity that a motivated and committed team of people can bring to a business. Building a team means first creating a culture […]

The Power of Word of Mouth

In any client-based business, reputation is everything. The power of simple word of mouth can make or break your firm. Positive reviews not only improve customer retention but they can be also used in your marketing efforts to generate referrals and more business. Word of mouth is one of the most credible forms of advertising […]

Tips to Help You Create a Great First Impression

A first impression can never be recalled. Yet most of us don’t seem to give it much thought or planning. Make a good first impression and both you and your company will be seen in a positive way; make a poor first impression and you may not get another chance. Here are some tips that […]

Inventory Management: How Much Is Too Much

Inventory management is all about keeping track of the goods you buy, process or store as part of your business. Good inventory management involves minimizing your inventory costs. The cost of buying and holding inventory can be very high. In fact, it can account for up to 80 percent of the final price of goods […]

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Committing to an effective website is a vital marketing strategy, however once the site has launched the battle has only just begun. Directing traffic to your site and then maintaining the driving force that keeps people clicking through is an on-going task and the main responsibility for your marketing manager. Here are some helpful hints […]

Features and Benefits: Highlighting Your Products

Business owners who develop or market a new product often have a justifiable pride in what they are selling. When selling a new piece of technology they can probably go into great detail about all the features of that technology. However, you don’t necessarily want that kind of detail when you’re marketing. Your clients are […]