May / 2012

Best Options for Inter Office Communication

Inter office communication (in this case we refer to communications within the office) can be viewed as the grease that keeps the machine running smoothly. Without it, everything can come to a grinding halt. Inter office communication is a major function of the modern office and choosing the best strategies for maintaining open and seamless […]

Customer Service, Awesome Service

Don’t just boast about your awesome customer service- create a system and take the steps to really mean it. Start from the ground up and adequately train your team members. Invest time in refresher courses, dedicating efforts to revisiting classic methods as well as fresh innovations. Systemize your service. Consistency is the key – clients […]

Warning Signs that Your Client May Be Heading Out the Door

Rarely do clients provide notice of their intention to take their business elsewhere. Learn to recognize some of the warning signs early and you may save you and yourself the headache of losing a client. Often communication will start to slow down. Use CRM’s to track communication with clients so you can be immediately aware […]