April / 2012

Work Habits That Will Help You Succeed

Developing a successful business has as much to do with the way we approach things as anything else. So it’s always useful to heed the work habits of successful business owners. Here are some of the good work habits that they have shared with us. 1. Think of difficult jobs and assignments as challenges rather […]

How to Go Green, Small Business Style

Irrespective of your thoughts on green issues there can be some real benefits of incorporating a green theme into your business culture. Although there is little evidence that, in general, green-focused businesses are chosen on that differentiator alone, it can prove to be the tipping point when competitors are fairly even in other areas.  There […]

Tools for Monitoring Your Business Performance

Key Performance Indicators have long been regarded as vital for business success. But with so many to choose from, which ones are best for your business? Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s) are specific measurements of various parts of your business activity. They are used to check performance against targets or as benchmarks or to monitor […]