February / 2012

Getting Your Head into the Clouds

It can be a Catch-22 on whether economic, technological and management trends are good for small business or not. They certainly require an investment in time and money to keep abreast of the never-ending developments. However, to ignore them is to provide your competitors with the opportunity to grow their businesses at your expense. If […]

An Entrepreneur’s Reading List – Book Suggestions to Help You Get to the Top

In a fast changing and challenging business world never underestimate the value of a continuing education. Often our success is based on setting goals, implementing the necessary strategies, achieving those goals and then setting some more. It may seem like the hamster wheel analogy but there are easier and more exciting ways of achieving your […]

The Cash Flow Tsunami — How to Recognize Early Warning Signs

A successful firm is one that is well managed. Being adaptable and flexible before major fluctuations occur can greatly assist you in hard times. Recognizing problems before they arise can minimize the fall out and pave the way to a faster recovery. Learning to identify potential cash flow problems is critical to your success as […]

Reducing Marketing Costs While Gaining Exposure

For many business owners it can be a difficult exercise to identify the most effective marketing strategies that gains exposure while minimizing the required investment. Taking advantage of free marketing ought to be a given. Social media is proving to be a lasting trend that not only reaches far beyond the regular scope of a […]