January / 2012

New Year Email Resolutions

Someone once said “An Inbox is as personal a space as an underwear drawer — we all have one and are all embarrassed by both its organization and contents.” Start 2012 off by applying some simple and effective methods to maintaining an organized and less overwhelming (or embarrassing!) Inbox. A clean and well-sorted Inbox can […]

Planning to Improve Your Profitability

We often say “what you measure you can manage” and “what gets managed gets done”. When it comes to achieving greater profitability, truer words cannot be found. The fourth way of growing a firm, which is improving the effectiveness of the things that you do, is a vital part of assisting you to better manage […]

Are You Driving Your Business Or Is It Driving You?

The New Year is always a good time for reflection. We touched on this point in last month’s newsletter. It’s often a time when we look back and wonder where the time went. The question that often comes to the mind of the business owner centers on what has really been accomplished over the year. […]